Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary

Monday, December 22, 2014
Yabēlo, Oromiya, Ethiopia
We then dropped into the Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary 2,496 sq km and after a quick drive through, John and Jurgen opted for an hour's walk to see if they could see any animals. Zebras were seen on the last G Adventures trip here. With it being so hot and dry, Nic, Ice and myself opted not to do this. Seen enough zebra crossings in Kenya and Tanzania. Carol had stayed back resting. John and Jurgen saw a secretary bird, hyena, a few other small animals and some fresh zebra droppings but no zebra.

Yabello Motel was right by the local bus pick up point and I'm glad that our rooms were at the back away from the "loud" voices and bus motors waiting for their passengers.

Enough of that traditional food for now .... Pizza for dinner!

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