Lake Bishoftu

Thursday, December 25, 2014
Bishoftu, Oromiya, Ethiopia
Up at 6.30 am and the pick up by ETT for my 3 day trip to Harar was supposed to between 8 and 9 am. I eventually left the hotel at 9.30 am at the same time as when Ice left for her home city.

Taken to ETT office to await a fellow client who at the last minute is also going to Harar.

While waiting for Susanne from Germany to turn up, was taken to a local street side stall where a sunglass was haggled for 100 birr / NZ$6.70 / US$4.90 to replace the free Adroll blue one that I had either lost or was pick pocketed a few days ago.

With Messie our guide and Mokenen our driver, we left but traffic was so slow getting out of Addis eventually leaving well into the afternoon. Trucks queuing up for diesel at the various petrol stations.



A stop at Lake Bishoftu being the longest and deepest of the 6 crater lakes in this area caused by the Rift Valley.

According to local lore, this, the second-deepest lake in Ethiopia, is home to a sleeping devil. From time to time his evil gases kill the fish and send them bobbing to the surface to be scooped up by delighted waterbirds.

Then onwards to Awash National Park. 


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