Harar Grand Market

Friday, December 26, 2014
Harar, Harari, Ethiopia
A quick stop into the Nure Roasted Harar Coffee where they were roasting some of their local coffee beans.

Just down from Arthur Rimbaud Center was the central Gidir Megala or Grand Market. It is also known as the Muslim Market as oppose to the Christian and Oromo markets outside of the city walls. Of interest with this Market was open air meat section and vultures ready for a feed.

Wandering around the narrow labyrinth of cobbled alleyways reminded me a bit of Stonetown, Zanibar except Stonetown had those beautiful carved wooden doors.

The main attraction is the city itself with its crowded markets, quiet back alleys and mixture of Ethiopian, Egyptian, Arab, and Italian architecture. The whitewashed Harari stone houses some brightly decorated, children coming and going and little souvenirs shops that are so easy to miss.

My time here was too short but it gave me a small glimpse of another part of Ethiopia current and past.

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