Simien National Park - PM Walk

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Simien National Park, Amhara, Ethiopia
After checking in had an hour's free time before being off at 3.30 pm for a brief 90-120 min warm up walk. Being at 10,700 feet or 3,260 m above sea level, I immediately felt the altitude taking my bags the short distance up to my bungalow with shortness of breath. How would I go on this walk?

What goes down must come up I thought as we walked along the top of the rim and descended as well. Do I have to climb back up? Not so, the Coaster was waiting for us along the road besides some of the locals with their handicraft neatly lined up. Jeppe brought a hat.

Others of us posed with one of the Scout's rifle. Henry didn't join us but came in the Coaster and saw 30 gelada baboons. We saw none but was promised some tomorrow.

It was a nice "loosening up stroll". My memory will be of the "peace". Not a sound at all. The occasional bird and vehicle passing near-by, no aircraft, sometimes a local in the far distance with their voices travelling so far, plus the chatter of the group and at times the clicking of the walking poles against the rocky path broke the silence.

I have been fortunate to have seen the USA's Grand Canyon and Namibia's Fish Canyon. The scene below was not speculator nor awe inspiring but was impressive. I suspect that the scenery is even better further inland having seen yesterday the 3D model of the Park when we signed in.

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