Gheralta Lodge

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Hawzēn, Tigray, Ethiopia
Finally just 1.5 km out of Hawzien the very much upmarket Gheralta Lodge awaited us. We were very lucky to stay here as this is not the usual overnight accommodation. Long story short about how the tour company needs to pay in full way in advance. But being Christmas which is a lull in the otherwise high season we were really fortunate to have ended up here. What a well thought out open space to relax in. It had panoramic views towards the west with stunning rock formations. The buildings kind of blended into the immaculate grounds.

More of these well-appointed tourist lodges are being built in this area which will not only provide long term employment for the locals in both guiding plus staff to service the lodges plus enable tourists to spend longer in this underdeveloped area which has many fine rock churches to explore.

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