Mad dash T3 to T2

Thursday, December 21, 2017
Singapore, Singapore
Dinner option was the pork. 
Captain informed us that he had made up some time and subject to airport control should land at 6.45pm / 06:45.
We touched down 6.45pm / 06:45 local time or 11.45pm / 23:45 NZ time, 5 minutes short of 10 hours in the air.
It was another 15 minutes before the flight connected with the air bridge. Thank goodness I was sitting behind Business Class and at the front of cattle class on the upper deck so was off the plane fairly quickly. Then a "mad" dash from T3 via the sky train to T2 and the long walk to gate E11. I'm sure there was a quicker route. Perhaps I should have taken the bus. Had time to get the airport free Wi-Fi code.
Singapore to Kochi with a full flight of what appears to be local Indians going home. I seem to be the only non-Indian on board. Must be on the right plane. Actually I saw when leaving 2 European / Caucasians.
So much for my leg room on this Silkair Boeing 737-800 compared to the A380. Only have to endure the 4 hours flight in seat 10C. 
Lift off at 8.30pm / 20:30 Singapore time or 1.35am / 01:35 NZ time.
Fish or vegetarian? Fish please.