Sit down in front of Immigration

Friday, December 22, 2017
Kochi, Kerala, India
Touch down local Kochi / Cochi time 10am / 10:00 Singapore 12.30am / 12:30 or NZ 5.30am / 05:30. Four hours just like pilot said.
Airline crew said that it was 28C outside. Nice.
With the plane full of probably locals coming home for Christmas, I was the only person with an E-visa and had to sit down in front of immigration staff to be processed. First time sitting down.
Got rupees which will hopefully last me the whole trip. I didn't see any ATM machines inside the customs / baggage area.
Thankfully my checked in bag came onto the conveyor belt.
Collected a prepaid taxi for 1,180 rupees / NZ$24.70 / US$18.25 and left the airport at 10.50pm / 20:50 local time or 6.10am / 06:10 NZ time = body clock.
At this hour of the night I was quite surprised at how busy the streets were with cars, vans, trucks, buses, bikes, tuk tuks, you name it if it had wheels were weaving their way. Most of the many roadside restaurants had punters. Kochi’s metro was being extended. The buildings had streamers of coloured lights hanging down in front. I had arrived in India. It will only get worse.
It eventually took an hour to get to Fort Castle hotel tucked down a narrow lane. Didn't look much from the outside. Just a basic G Adventures type joining hotel. Showed how to turn the hot water on. Switch on and let the tap run for 5 minutes before you get any hot water.
A long travel day.
Sleep is in order.
(Others in the group took them 2 hours to get to the hotel the next day - warning for my transfer back to the airport.)

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