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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Reading the various Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor reviews ... crikey - what am I in for?
A few weeks ago my manager told me to use up my 22 days of accrued annual leave so where to head to this year?

After a two hour session dreaming where I would like to travel to, with Eve from Adventure World assistance, I left her office armed with tentative travel itineraries to 3 parts of the world that I had always wanted to travel to: Galapagos Islands and Peru in South America, middle section of the Silk Road having already seen Xian and Beijing and for me living here down under in New Zealand what seem to be far away Africa!

Why did I finally choose Africa and travel there in their mid winter with Acacia Africa as my local travel company?

Simple ... it was a camping trip and this aging body will not get any younger. I had heard of Acacia Africa many years ago and their web site plus brochure was enough to say "Choose us to travel and see Africa!"

BUT - How will I as a 50 something Kiwi born cope with travelling with a group where the average overlander was likely to be in their 20 - 30's?

Oh well, I now work in an university environment so that's cool. I have worked with young people nearly all my life. I have travelled extensively including in 1990 a 6 week overland Top Deck bus trip London to London through Scandinavia to Russia, trekked up to Gokyo Lakes and over to Mt Everest base camp in 1997 with World Expeditions. In my youth and then for decades working as a volunteer youth leader, I use to camp, tramp, climb mountains, kayak, sail and along the way have ran some 30 marathons .... but that was in my younger days so what's 43 days travelling by truck overland through Africa pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground going to be like? Yes, you are right, I did get approval to take some extra leave. The African continent is so far away from New Zealand. The airfare alone was 50% dearer than flying to London return.

Having seen or read many African travel TV programmes, movies and articles, I do want to meet the locals.

As a keen amateur photographer, I do want to try and capture the animals, see them living in their natural environment, not being confined in a zoo

and the African vistas.

Let's do it before my aging body ceases up and I need to be travelling around Africa in a wheel chair.

So join me on this magic once in a lifetime trip to Africa as seen by a 50 something Kiwi.

PS After the trip, I added extra entries when uploading some of many photos and videos to better share with you my 2 month journey and story to far off Africa.
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