Packed and ready to go

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Packed with 16 kg to check in, all ready to jump aboard the big silver bird in Auckland next Wednesday afternoon and hopefully emerge safe and sound some 34 hours later in Nairobi via transit stops in Perth and Johannesburg!

After 2 restful days getting my body clock right, probably by the hotel pool as Nairobi is said to be unsafe, next Sunday at 8 am I am off travelling for 43 days overland with Acacia Africa from Nairobi, Kenya to Capetown, South Africa via Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. Here is their web site.

My tour number is KTC43. Type this in the top right hand box and open the trip dossier to see where exactly I am off to.

This is a camping overland safari travelling by mainly self contained custom built truck with up to 24 other kindred travellers, a driver and Acacia guide.  

The travellers will probably be 20 + years younger than me. Hopefully not a young drinking crowd who will want to party till the wee small hours!

Pitching a tent most nights, sleeping on a 3 to 4 cm so called "THICK, firm, comfortable foam mattress", buying local food and then in our groups cooking it = all good fun (we will see!).

I will try and upload from time to time a little bit about how the safari is going for me plus give you a sneak preview of some of my photos. Brought a new Canon Power Shot SX1 IS camera that has a wonderful 560 mm lens to really pull in the animals.

Brother Tim will fly into Capetown from London at the end of my overland safari tour and for the next week we will drive around South Africa's famous coastal Garden Route plus see a bit of Capetown as well.
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