Lovely sweet Babies as in elephant kind!

Friday, June 19, 2009
Nairobi, Kenya
The constant sound of the river in the night kept me awake till day break as I woke at 1 am ... well the small stream outside was no doubt a better sound to listen to than the constant noise of cars that would have been heard on the other side of the hotel. I was asleep the previous evening by 7.30 pm. My body was certainly tired after a SAFE walk into the city centre last night before the sunlight faded.

Now to adjust the body to local time over next 2 days and rest up after those 34 hours airport to airport with a few hours of catnap thrown in between Perth and Johannesburg - I don't sleep well on planes.

Perhaps the "No Jet Lag" tablets worked?

Not knowing if I would meet any other fellow travellers at the hotel who were planning to do the same thing, I made prior arrangement the previous day (4,000 KES) with Andrew, my airport taxi driver, to take me today to see two things.

The first up was to the Langata Nature Education Centre ie the giraffe centre (700 KES) and being able to hand feed Daisy, a 18 year old endangered Rothschild giraffe. Her tongue was so rough like 60 grit sand paper ... and thank goodness that I wasn't asked to French kiss this young, tall, beautiful looking girl!

The 1 hour then spent at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphans Project for elephant and rhino was well worth the 300 KES or NZ 6 dollars donation.

I was more interested in the interaction by the hundreds of school children that they had with the baby elephants. The girls and some of the female teachers had lovely braided hair glistering in the sun.

Sorry this hotel internet connection is so slow at the moment so I can't upload any photos - have some absolutely wonderful shots to share later!

PS Uploaded later - Here are some of the 100 + that I took today ...
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