Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Friday, July 03, 2009
Kendwa, Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania
Just an hour in this Stone Town internet cafe to update what's happened over the last few days.

Now day 13 and we have just over an hour before we have to meet again to catch the ferry for the 2 hour trip back to mainland Africa (Dar Es Salaam) just 80 kms away. Hope it is as smooth as the crossing over. Normally rougher going south!!!! 

I have already spent 3 hours several days ago wandering around the narrow winding alleys of Stone Town and its open air markets (fish, chicken, meat, veg etc) so this morning's wander and passing this unexpected internet cafe was enough for me to stop. I will place all of my old Stone Town photos as a separate entry.

Last 42 hours were spent at the top of Zanzibar. The 2 sunsets were not magnificent as they can be (too much cloud cover) but I made something out of nothing when last night a couple of guys fishing in their dugout came in to view just as the red sun dropped below the horizon!

Yesterday went snorkeling for over an hour in amazing crystal clear waters which I can NOW see right into the distance ie for many, many metres. I recently had lasik surgery so no need to wear contacts or glasses now. While the coral was not that fantastic, it was made up by the clarity of the waters and many colourful tropical fishes. Seen better in the Great Barrier Reef and in Hawaii but netherless this was not too bad. I was last in and last out the tepid waters ie no wet suit at all needed!

The ocean waters colours ranged from a bright turquoise near the white sands shores to dark blues further out.

US$30 for the so called all day trip which included lunch of rice and magnificent kingfish cooked in its juices tin foil over an open fire. I went back for 4 servings as no one else wanted to finish the fish off! It was nice.

A following wind on the return meant that we could turn the noisy 40 hp Yamaha iron horse motor off, sail the dhow back with the quietness and under its huge white triangular sail. That to me was a bonus and memorable experience.

Some wonderful beach scenes ranging from exotic houses to restaurants built out over the sea.

These 2 days R&R in a real bed (Sunset Bungalows = 3 star beach side resort = US$25 per night including breakfast) were after 2 medium length travel days (300 km and 400 km) travelling east from Arusha to Dar Es Salaam. So a real bed was welcome relief for this 50 something aging Kiwi body. Just kidding. The camping side for me is fine. True.


What's ahead before we get to Victoria Falls? The next few days we have very long travel days to get to Lake Malawi where we will stay for 2 nights and then another 2 more long travel days passing through Zambia's capital city of Lusaka before the half way point for me at Victoria Falls (Livingstone). So more bumpy roads? Lets see ...

Six of the original group that joined us all in Nairobi will leave us in Dar and 6 newbies will join us for different sectors.
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