Who can jump higher? Masai men dance off

Sunday, June 28, 2009
Arusha, Tanzania
Several days living and sleeping literally amongst the wonderful wild animals out in the open under the stars separated by just a thin tent wall. So far so good and my trip's expectations have been met and surpassed. Yes, it was hot in the middle of the day ... in fact too hot for this Kiwi and this was mid winter. No, I certainly don't want to be here in mid summer.

I suppose I was so amazed at how close the animals, especially my favourite the lions, were to the roads and they totally ignored us. With daily game drives by us tourists, we just become a daily nuisance. But for us humans, what a privilege!

This 50 something Kiwi is coping .... We have been lucky to date as all our meals have been provided for us by the local tour company Acacia had contracted ou to on this part of the trip while we have been out on safari, but that will all change soon when we leave Dar Es Salaam.

Now it's time to continue to head south towards my next major highlight which is the Victoria Falls via for some a much needed R & R on the spice island of Zanzibar ... But Victoria Falls is many, many days of long travel days ahead of us.

But first a Masai village tour. OK, it was put on for us as tourists but provided much needed income for them. Follow my photos as we head into the Masai village next to the campsite .... We went via the local museum - these photos are at the bottom.


After another 300 km afternoon drive, we got into our evening's Zebra campsite (yes, there were zebras inside the camp site) with just an hour to spare before the sun set just after 6 pm. Somehow we lost time at the various stops along the way. An hour to pitch tents and then to get dinner underway on either the charcoal fire and 2 gas rings. We have yet to get into the group rosters routine so it was whoever had first finished pitching their tents, showered etc went to help out with what needed doing for dinner.

The next all day 400 km drive brought us to the bustling city of Dar Es Salem, Tanzania's capital and commercial centre. After waiting to collect our tickets, we boarded a ferry, a short 5 minute crossing and plus 10 minute drive, our evening's campsite right by Kipepeo beach was reached.

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