Old Stone town which needs to be restored and kept

Friday, July 03, 2009
Stone Town, Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania
These are images are of old Stone Town. A series of pictures tells a story in itself.

Can you get lost wandering around the winding alley ways of old Stone Town? Yes and certainly at night. Day time it's fine (for most people).

While old and many buildings are in dire need of restoration, the character and charm of this historic part of Zanzibar has not been lost - just yet.

I love wandering through local food markets and this one in Stone Town was certainly no exception, especially the smells and sights with accompanying flies! So join me as I take you on a pictorial journey through the alley ways, narrow streets and markets of Stone Town, Zanzibar. As you can tell, I love taking photos of old doors and locks.

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