Free as a bird over the Victoria Falls

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Livingstone, Zambia
Day TWO was Victoria Falls Day.

The 15 min microlight flight will no doubt be one of my trip's highlight. Sitting behind the pilot with nothing between me and the Zambezi River some 1,500 feet below, we circled the Victoria Falls 3 times.

I am really glad that I did this and not the 15 min helicopter flight over the same route. I was not allowed to take my camera on the microlight but the on-board camera took 60 photos of me (including me piloting the microlight for a while!) with the Falls in the background. This meant that I could concentrate and enjoy the majesty of the scene below me. Yes, on land you can only see the Zambia side of the Falls which was only 1/4 of the total width so from above I could see the Zimbabwe side as well.

Words won't explain what I enjoyed so will let the photos do the talking later. Here are just a few of the 60 photos taken. The late afternoon light was great. So hard to work out which ones to keep in! The pilot told me that the best time to see it was during the rainy season with all that water spray. I can understand what he meant. At the bottom are photos of the falls taken throughout the different seasons of the year.

I think I got a good compromise with the flight just after rainy season and also being able to raft it.

Richard, The Waterfront campsite where we are staying, reminded me of your Air Village at Camp Te Wairoa with microlights taking off and landing here every 15 mins both in the morning and late afternoons as their airfield is literally next door!

Then that evening's sunset from the wharf by The Waterfront. Magic way to finish this Victoria Falls Day
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