Border crossing ... foot and mouth dip ...

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Kasane, Botswana
We had an unexpected half day in Livingstone as the new group of 8 joining us were taken to the Victoria Falls.

I went to the local David Livingstone museum to gain a refresher into his life. Seeing on the map the 3 routes that he travelled in what I could only imagine were very trying conditions ... certainly he had no roads to follow!!!!

Amazing life he led and what an influence he had on African life. To me it was his influence with the abolition of slavery.

After lunch we were back on the road for a couple of hours to get to Kasane in neighbouring Botswana:

- a short 10 minute ferry crossing across the river border but with just 2 trucks at a time. We went to the front of the lengthy queue of trucks waiting for a crossing. I was told that at times the trucks have to wait 3 weeks before a space is available on the ferry .. and the 2 small ferries run only when they want to. Overland safari vehicles like us and buses / mini vans have priority to freight. Remember TIA. The distance is so short that in any developed country a bridge would be in place at this border crossing but not here in Africa.

Then we had the first of several foot and mouth foot dips meaning dipping ones shoe soles in this unknown ????
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