Sunrise over the Kalahari Desert

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Windhoek, Namibia
It was certainly the coldest night so far as I slept out in the desert under the stars (in my tent!). Had to tighten my mummy sleeping bag hood for the first time! Must have got down to near zero. In the desert, once the sun goes down (high 20's in the heat of the afternoons), the heat is lost from the ground. With no cloud cover, it was cold ... I can understand how Mandy and Tom as locals are feeling the cold. (Yes, it is cold in the morning but I am not feeling it as much as the locals we meet.) It is the middle of Africa's winter after all!

We had a 4.30 am wake up call for a 6 am departure to cover some 560 kms to Windhoek. As we drove towards another border crossing into Namibia, I witnessed the dark jet black sky with the thousands of stars slowly change colour to dark blues, deep reds and then various shades of orange as the sun rose an hour later. The 360 degree view was again so flat with nothing (civilisation) for many miles. Another trip memory to keep are the many sunrises and sunsets I have seen.

Windhoek, capital of Namibia, was the first modern city seen for many a weeks so hopefully a faster computer to use. (Yes, it was). By leaving really early that morning, we arrived here at 3 pm, quickly settled into The Cardboard Box Backpackers with a dorm room ... no tent to pitch! ... and that meant a few free hours to walk the short distance into the city to get some local currency, access the internet, shop or just city sightsee ....

Tonight it's off to Joe's Beer House and a feed of the different animals - they do have vegetarian options. This place is renowned so had better be good. (It was) I think that I will go for a mixed platter of the different game and try as much as I can. Next internet will be in 4 - 5 days time and I understand it is faster so may try and upload a photo or two!

Godfrey - just filled the first of the 3 x 16 gb cards I have so no problems here. Constantly having a set of batteries on charge either in the truck through the inverter as we drive along or on mains supply where I can but the supply does varies so I can not guarantee a fully set of batteries even though the lights say they are fully charged ... lesson learnt!. Starting to take short video clips and this is chewing up the mbs. I hate to think how many thousand of images that I have to wade through later and reduce them to my top 100, 200 or will it be 500?
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