Locked up in maximum security prison!

Monday, August 10, 2009
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
... and paid for the privilege!

Well, not quite so.

The planned trip to Robben Island last Tuesday was cancelled due to high winds so Tim and I left Capetown for the Garden Route.

Some 2,500 + kms later we arrived back in Capetown having rebooked a trip to Robben Island for yesterday afternoon. What a wonderful way to finish this 2 month African trip hearing from our tour guide, who was a former inmate on Robben Island for 6 years, his life's story and how he reflected a little bit on the huge struggles that his country South Africa (and others in Africa) still have to overcome.

Our small rental Toyota Yaris took us all the way along the picturesque N2 Garden Route to the world famous surfing beach at Jeffrey's Bay (surf was not up that day when we got there) and mainly back along the inland N62 passing by kilometres of wineyards. No, we were not into wine tasting or else we would have never made it back....

Must close as my short 2 hour flight from Capetown to Johannesburg is about to leave. Will start my final blog in that airport's British Airways lounge (courtesy of my brother being a BA frequent flyers member) before a 13+ hour flight to Sydney, a 4 hour wait there before the final 3 or so hour flight back to Auckland arriving at Tuesday midnight ... and guess who is going straight to work Wednesday am!

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