Acacia journey's end: Capetown - Township tour

Sunday, August 02, 2009
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last day:

The last of the early morning starts. To try and save time we had breakfast in a petrol station food court on route during today's 300 km travel from the overnight Highlander's campsite into Capetown.

Shortly Table Mountain was seen in the far distance sticking way above the surrounding landscape.

Nearly there after 43 days on the road!

What an experience. Sad in many ways.

BUT still one more thing to do on this Acacia trip.

Last thing was a Capetown township tour with Inkululeko Tours with their local guides. We boarded 2 mini vans at Table View and went into several of the townships to see and learn a little about the continual hardships that the coloured are still facing.

That's it ... "The Back Pack" our temporary home in Capetown = Acacia Africa 43 day tour from Nairobi Kenya to Capetown final destination and our trip is finally over - but wait, there more ... read on.

Brother Tim flew in from London and met me here. We are to stay in South Africa for another week with the objective to drive along the Garden Route.

We went for a walk about Capetown but on a Sunday it is like Auckland - closed! After passing a crew filming in front of the central police station, eventually got down to the bustling V & A waterfront which Auckland's still to be completed waterfront should be developed like.

Then the group's final dinner.

Thanks Mandy, Tom and all the other travellers from around the world who joined me along this wonderful African journey that we all experienced.

My final blog "Africa, a continent of many Contrasts & Challenges" with my African reflections is posted at the end as the last entry.

I know that I haven't really commented on the day to day details of how Acacia Africa operates. Read Dan's Adventure as he really gives you a good understand of life on the road. Dan did the same Acacia Africa trip as me but a couple of months after me with different guides.

Particularly read his 1st October 2009 blog Kenya to Cape Town with Acacia Africa.

He covers really well: tour style, sleeping, eating, travel buddies, transport, itinerary, guides and cost.

Thanks Dan, I wished that I had read your detailed blog and looked at your many wonderful photos before I left.

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