Garden Route N2, back Route 62 & Swartberg Pass

Friday, August 07, 2009
Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa
That was the end of the coastal N2 Garden Route yesterday and it was now time to turn around and head back to Capetown via the inland and just as pretty Route 62. Trouble was it went on for miles and miles and miles or kilometres and kilometres and kilometres. Vineyards after vineyards and orchards dotted the valley floor as we drove along.

I had read about the various mountain passes so choose to do a circular route and cross the Swartberg Pass out to the one horse ie one main street village of Prince Albert and back via De Rust to Oudtshoorn where we had spent the previous night. This unsealed pass road reminded me of our own South Island back country passes before they were tar sealed. It took nearly 3 hours but was different to the sealed highlways that we had been on the previous days. So barren and rocky. How can anyone make a living ou there?

Passing through little towns like Calitizdorp and Barrydale, we got us to our evening stop in Montagu and with time for a late afternoon drive to see the neighbouring small vine towns of Robertson, Ashton and MacGregor.

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