Amazon _ _ _ _ Forest? What is the missing word?

Monday, December 19, 2011
Misahualli , Napo, Ecuador

It rained for most of the night and we awoke to the rain pounding down on the chalet's corrugated roof top.

At 8.30 am a simple breakfast of fruit, eggs and bread / jam and then away at 9.30 am for a jungle walk. No use changing into a dry T shirt as with this 99% humidity it would be wet very quickly and one would end up with a pile of wet smelly clothes. So back went on yesterday now damp top.

During the walk Ricardo introduced us to the various plants and trees, how the local people had adapted it and used it for all sort of different purposes. On careful looking, one could see the abundant insect life both on the ground and up higher amongst tree trunks, branches and leaves. One tree, commonly called the "walking tree", has several roots above ground and the whole tree can move over time 2 metres towards the light. The rear roots would die off while new ones would grow in the direction that it wants to head.

A couple of hours later we returned and by now the rain had stopped. I was surprised how quickly the ground had dried up.

Lunch and at 3.30 pm it was still fine and we headed off towards a small pineapple plantation just several hundred metres away. From here perched high above the river bank overlooking the river, Ricardo again explained more about the plant life including how the red sap from the Schiote berry could be used as face decoration. Soon all of us were duly adorned with different patterns.

I will later put names to these photos as I have most of the plant names.

For some a refreshing “shower” under the waterfall or a rope swing into the Napo River ended the day.

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