Cusco - last day

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Cusco, Peru
A free day in Cusco.

I had the various museums on the Boleto Turistico that I could visit.

White water rafting was not an option due to the high river level as seen in yesterday’s photos.

After looking at the outside of the Sun Temple, I wandered into the Museo Historico Regional and while interesting, it was really not my cup of tea.

Next up was the Chocolate Museum, then across the Plaza Del Regocijo Cabildo where men were marching in a demonstration of some sort. Notice how orderly they are in 2 lines.

Into the Museo Municipal De Arte Contemporaneo. Again, not much modern art on show and for both museums I would not pay to enter.

Next to the Catedral were both McDonalds and KFC. There was no overt advertising as one would expect a blazing the building except for the small sign and to this end I am glad.

After visiting the empty Las Nazarenas area, went back to the Plaza De Armas area.

Next to Starbucks for a cooling mocho frappaccino, vendi size of course, as by now it was quite hot and spent some time from their first story advantage point just people watching - the couple who used a tripod to take their photo, the 2 ladies in local dress who accepted money to have their picture taken with willing tourists.

One more church and next door was the Iglesia La Compania S/-10 (no camera allowed). This is suppose to rival the Catedral - no, it doesn‘t.

That’s me for Cusco.

Tomorrow, an all day bus ride to Puno ….
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