Sucre - why spend 3 nights here?

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Sucre, Bolivia
With a 11.15 am departure from the La Paz hotel for the airport, I managed to wander for an hour or two in the immediate around around the hotel simply to get my bearing.

There was a service in progress on in the cathedral and to my surprise even with my camera well and truly zipped away I was told on entry no fotos. I looked like a tourist!

Being Sunday morning, the street traders were just beginning to set up their stalls so the city streets felt so quiet. With the city being located in a canyon and with the tall buildings around me, I didn't like the initial feel of La Paz. I felt closed in. Also being back at altitude again, I was puffing my way up the steep cobble stone streets back to the hotel. Surprisingly I took no photos on my walk around.

The short 45 min flight brought us to Sucre, the judicial capital of Bolivia. It was also at a much lower in altitude than La Paz.

After a brief city orientation tour of where were the essentials: laundry, ATM, city square; it was a late lunch at the Joyride Café: El Mismo Pique was fries, frankfurter, sausage, beef and a supposedly lethal locoto on top (no, it wasn't).

A briefing from two different local agencies as to the available activities for the next 2 days then free time for the rest of the afternoon. We could have para-glide, gone horse riding, done various hikes or zapped along on quad bikes.

Before dinner, a walk the 6 or so blocks up to the mirador (viewpoint) Recoleta overlooking the city. With the sun about to set and armed with the tripod, we stayed and watched the sky colours change.

Dinner was at La Taverne. For me Lomo acaramelado al whiskey = fillet de boeuf caramelise au whiskey medallions de res tocino, miel de abeja, salsa de whiskey, caramelo especias, guarnicion, espinacas salteadas y pure de manana or medallion of beef and bacon with honey, whiskey sauce, herbs. On the side spinach and apple puree, Bs 55 or NZ$10. This was the start of my try anything local Bolovian. Thanks Alberto!

As the hotel close to the restaurant and on the way back passing the square, avoiding as best I could the local youngsters who were out and about with their water guns, I diverted to snap a few photos of the cathedral being lit up and the Christmas lights in the square.Glad I did this as the next day they took down the Christmas lights.
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