Thursday, December 22, 2011
Río Negro, Tungurahua, Ecuador
La Posada del Arte healthy home-made breakfast was just US$5: juice, muesli, fruit, yoghurt, pancakes and coffee and certainly set me up for the day.

At 9 am Tara, Dirk, John, Andrew, Peter, Roger and I were off to Jose and Two Dog shop to be fitted out by Paulo with wetsuit, jacket, helmet and shoes then off by van down river. After being shown the basics of abseiling, we had ahead canyoning with 3 waterfalls to descend. First one was 18 metres, then a zip line down to the top of a 28 metre waterfall and finally a 15 metre waterfall to get to the bottom of. With the high rain the river levels over the last couple of days, it had changed the river bed so much that it was not possible to jump into any of the pools as normal. To me this side stream was fast flowing and at the top of the first waterfall it certainly looked more than 18 metres!

Standing right by the edge looking down is not for me so in most cases I was one of the first down so I could take photos of the others descending and not worry standing at the top about the descent. Having not done any abseiling for what must be 20 years now, it was like riding a bicycle. Feet wide apart, keep those legs straight and lean back to be 90 degrees or right angle to the slippery rock face and away. Loved it and with the thunderous water cascading down right besides me, I was very quickly down to the bottom.

Don't worry about the out of focus image that you see on the videos as the autofocus kicks in after a second or two.

The "More Photos" at the very end were taken by Paulo the guide and still need to be merged into my below sequence.

Soon this activity was over and we walked up past a trout farm to the restaurant and naturally had trout for lunch. All part of the US$45 cost.


On the way back, 4 (Dirk, Peter, Lara and Andrew) decided to do the bridge swing jump.

Note: Hannah did her swing jump the next day. Her photos and video are in the next day's entry.

On return to Banos, it was evident that the nearby volcano had erupted again as people were sweeping the streets. Some were wearing masks and the cars, street and pavements were covered with this fine grey grit.
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