Free as a bird

Friday, December 23, 2011
Pelileo, Tungurahua, Ecuador
Back late it was literally a 2 minute turnaround to change clothes and I just made it! We ended up 3,000 metres ASL above the city of Peligro way in the distance. Too much cloud to see the erupting volcano in the distance. The rain clouds in Banos area were appearing to be coming in our direction. They stayed away.

Soon after an hour the 45 knot wind lessen to the acceptable safe 30 knot. Even with a jump suit over my many layers of merino and wind breaker, I was still cold.

With me being the heaviest, I was in the first group with Andrew and Peter. Later in the afternoon, the wind generally quietens down meaning suitable for the lighter people. They had to weigh each of us and match us to the tandem pilot.

Crossed my arms, holding on to my 2 cameras, a few steps and we were up and away. I took both cameras so the videos and may appear to be a bit jerky. Below the patchwork fields appeared and we rode the thermals by the ridge were we took off for 20 minutes. I am glad the pilot only did one lot of spins and turns as my stomach went queasy very quickly. I forgot that I got air sickness in little planes!

John was in the second group and the last three had Lara and Lorenza. They had to make an emergency landing a bit down the ridge so someone said.


Soon it was dark when we returned to Banos.

Again I had a few minutes to prepare to leave for a US$10 bbque that Jose had put on.

This rounded off my 2 action adrenaline days here in Banos.

No, I never did get to trek the hills, nor soak in the hot pools or even got into the cathedral with their beautiful and different interior so perhaps a return visit is warranted to also enjoy the wonderful food.
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Now you know what it feels like to fly free like a bird, even if tied to a pilate it feels great except for the spins, I agree....Mark does this all the time in Telluride, and I enjoyed a flight at Coronet a couple of years back! Go visit Mark when you want another flight as I do believe he has his tandem licence now