Galapagos albatross

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Isla Espanola, Galápagos, Ecuador
The 6 hour relocate journey to Espandla Is (Hood Is) was a rock and roll journey again. Just rocking side to side that is. Glad that I am up on the upper deck.

Punta Suarez was where we anchored with 6 other vessels. One had 100 people on board. At 7.45 am, we where the last group (ship) ashore before it got too hot. The first group from the other ship started their shore landing at 6 am. Glad we were in the last group.

A rocky 2 mile trail was to be our viewing platform for the next 3 hours. Some say that this is one of the best islands and having been there I can agree with them.

A dry landing with sea lions to greet us. Many young juvenile ones were in a playful mood. The red, green and black coloured marine iguanas were everywhere. So well camouflage one had to be careful where to place ones feet. A few Darwin finches and yellow warblers (canaries) were spotted. So were the tiny lava lizards = red throat for the females and males were larger.

Besides the marine iguanas which are turning out to be my favourite Galapagos animal, I will remember this island for the blue footed boobies, the nazca boobies with their young chicks and Galapagos albatross about to take flight.

The Galapagos hawk perched at the top of a bush allowed us to get oh so close. On leaving we spotted a light tan coloured Sante Fe iguana particular to this island.
 Again the rocky landscape with the blow hole spouting it water of the incoming wave up so high was stunning in its own special way.

Marine iguanas were out swimming as we left.

Soon it was time to re-board at 11 am, wash the soles of our feet off the guano that we had picked up, lift anchor and away to Gardener Bay for a wet landing at 2.30 pm.

Photos still to be edited, labelled and re-ordered.

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