Who needs Sea Life Park?

Monday, January 02, 2012
Mosquera Island, Galápagos, Ecuador
Onto Mosquera Is at 2.45 pm with wet landing again and no shoes but will I put a pair on to avoid stepping on the sea lions poo?

No, I won’t.

It looks from afar a desolate and uninteresting low lying sand bar but on closer inspection full of unexpected surprises.

Sea lions, lizards, crabs and birds.

The whale bones are of a young humpback whale.

The tracks are from a hermit crab.

The videos show the big clumsy bull sea lion waddle its way across the rock pools plus how 3 young ones, like children, are at play in a rock pool.

In the water later on the young sea lions came out to play. I was apparently being chased away by a big bull sea lion as I could see Hansell who was on the beach pointing me to swim away.

Yes, sharks were also seen again.

The grey small lava gull is rare as only 400 are left.

Then back underwater to see what we would encounter today ....

Will it get better? Two more snorkels only.

Soon it was time for us to depart and leave the natural environment for its local residents. Don’t get me wrong, places like Sea Life Park are important but you can’t beat seeing nature at work, both birth and death in their natural setting.
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