Galapagos Islands SUMMARY

Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Baltra, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Galapagos Island was a surreal and privileged experience for those last 8 days. Each of the 10 islands that I was fortunate to visit were so different.

Here are some of my ‘better’ photos in no particular order. I took as usual far too many to choose from, but rest assure that I did take time to sit and absorb the setting that these unique and rare animals live in. Like Africa, we were visitors to their environment. What was better? Overland in Africa; the expansive white snowy and icy landscape, penguins and orcas of Antarctica; or now the Galapagos Islands? All very different and I would gladly re-visit any (or all!) of the three places again at a drop of a hat.

My memories:

Walking through the dramatic and varied landscape which I tried to capture through my lens, the various eruptions forming these enchanted islands, even as young as just over 100 years ago.

Here on the Galapagos Islands we could get oh so close to the animals. Literally I would be right besides them and they showed absolutely no fear of us humans or vice versa, except my first encounter with the white tip sharks til I was gladly told that they were harmless to us humans.

On land ,it was an ‘in your face’ experience with the 100 + year giant tortoise or even better still the pre-historic iguanas, especially the colourful golden land ones. Seeing the albatross fly or the blue boobies, yes, with their blue web feet of course and then the male frigates flying overhead or on land with their big red pouch fully inflated to attract the females.

Underwater, besides being amongst the many tropical fishes,
swimming above, alongside or even in front of the graceful green sea turtles,
seeing the playful young sea lions doing flips and circles underwater or
having the white tip reef sharks glide gracefully beneath me,
it was finally the Galapagos penguins who normally dart about under water, but these 2 who allowed me the privilege to swim with them for so long on my last snorkel, I consider this to be a fitting conclusion to this part of my trip.

Note: These are an initial and a quick selection at random of some of my ‘favourites’ plus giving you some of the coverage.

To be labelled later. Opphs ... sorry about the "slopy" photos ie the horizon is not level!


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Absolutley wonderful!


Looking good Bruce! Amazing pics!


Great photos I was really waiting to see these ones and I was not disappointed

Susan Joe

Hi Bruce, thanks for the fabulous photos, the animals look so cute! Glad you are having a wonderful time. All the best for Lima.


don weber

Good pics!!! Recognized most of the animals and birds except for large red-shirted one, looks like mailing a letter?????