Amazing Race - Bruce style

Friday, January 06, 2012
Cusco, Peru
Another pin set entry.

The plane eventually left Guayaquil at 8.20 am, not 7.55 am, and the 90 minute flight got to Lima just before 10 am. OK, less than 90 minutes before my next plane is scheduled to leave but will I make it through immigration, bag uplift, customs, get some local currency, check in, security etc. in time? My bag must have been the last one out as it took forever so it was a very quick trot over to the domestic check in counters but the queues there were as long as long can be. Quick talking and down the priority queue reaching the check in at 10.40 am, 5 minutes after when we were suppose to be at the boarding gate. Wow, just made it. Saga not over yet.

We had all assembled at the boarding gate area and at 11.15 am started to board. After everyone was onboard, we simply sat either at the gate or on the tarmac before taking off to Cusco at 12.20 pm. Remember we should have left at 11.25 am.

The hour’s flight was fine and on arrival at Cusco airport I saw the information booth of the hotel chain where I am staying at so I simply asked the lady what would be the taxi fare to the hotel to get some form of idea of what to pay. Collected my bags and she took out me to a driver in a plain car and away we went. US$10 and pay the hotel reception she said. Not exactly what I was after so I still do not know what would be the normal taxi fare! Actually there are no taxis as I know them.

My left shoulder has been hurting ever since my arrival several weeks ago and now my neck so it was off to find a chemist and some stronger pills than the paracetamol that I had been taking. He kind of laugh when I showed him the Panadol and he said take these Di-Profeket - Ketoprofeno 150 gm. They are anti inflammatory.

No internet (could not log on to the hotel wi fi) for this computer so I waited two hours to get this small matter resolved. Hope the settings the guy changed won’t affect me logging on at the next place.

Dinner at Cicciolina, a restaurant suggested by Lorenzo our Ecuador Tucan guide: cracked pepper tagliateffi tossed through a salsa of smokey grilled chicken, roasted onions and zucchini peppers and mushrooms that have been sauteed in dry white wine and creamy parmesan cheese. Topped with fried garlic slices. S/-35. Yummy! 

After that I am glad that I wandered around the Plaza de Armas, the main square, and took these photos as next day the Christmas decorations were taken down.

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