Cusco City Tour

Saturday, January 07, 2012
Cusco, Peru
My afternoon "city tour took" me to both the city and out into the country to see of the closer Inca ruins to Cusco.

The following I will write up later so that the pictures will make more sense.

Covento Museo Santo Domingo.
Koricancha or the Temple of the Sun.

Sorry, was not allowed to take photos of the large paintings.
The stone work is largely intact of the various temples showing such precision - such incredible masonry craftmen's work.

Then out to the country to:


Qenqo - underground cave and temple.

Inka's Expression craft shop which is a living workshop.

Yes, I did (reference photo of me with Samuel Huarcaya the weaver who took 10 days to weave this 3D piece)!

... and the biggest and most impressive Inca fortress of Sacsaywaman

Finally, back to the city and into La Catedral. Again no photos but this was certainly the best ,.. 3 altars inside including one by the front door and two at the rear - one on front of the other with one made out of 120 tons of silver.

A televison broadcast was to be made tomorrow and the children's choir was practicing so this added to the beauty of the cathedral.

That night I met up with the Tucan group for dinner at the Nuna Raymi Restuarant.
Alpaca En El Ukhupacha = Alpaca Sirlion marinated with pachamania herbs accompanied with yellow and panca chilis, mashed potatoes topped with sautéed veggies in olive oil and paprika S/- 31 plus $/- 16 for a share of a bottle of some Chilean white wine.

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