Bequia Walks 1 . . .Old Fort Estates

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent

A short 20 minute walk (30 with photo stops) up Mt Pleasant hill . . . fabulous views of Admiralty Bay, Plantation House and on to Hamilton and O'Car from the lookout at the top.

Then we walked on another 10 minutes to The Old Fort Estate. The Old Fort is a fully restored historic plantation that stretches from the top of Mt Pleasant down to the Caribbean, with acres of orchards and spectacular views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean, overlooking Ravine & Hope Beaches as well as Mustique and other islands.
We've walked by many times over the years but have never been able to see the property. They were open today for a BBQ lunch and art show but apparently, starting this year, they are now opening daily to non-guests for bar, lunch & dinner. 


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I thought Mt. Pleasant was near Eglinton! HA, HA!! I am so funny.

Glad you're having such a great time. It looks like paradise.

Me and the Critters