Throwback Thursday . . . St Vincent Adventures

Thursday, March 03, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent

  It's a scenic 1 hour ferry ride from Bequia to St Vincent. We've managed a day trip every year. Hopefully we will be heading over to St Vincent sometime in March for a new adventure . . . these are a few of our memories from past visits.

Fort Charlotte was constructed in 1806, located to the west of Kingstown at 600 ft above sea level overlooking the bay. It was a significant fortification housing over 600 troops and 30 canons, mostly pointed inland to defend against the Caribs . . . apparently more of a threat than the Spanish.  



Most of our visits have included a drive up the Windward side of the island (north and east of Kingstown) stopping at the Belmont Lookout with great views into the Mesopotamia Valley (St Vincent's Breadbasket) and the Botanic Gardens.






Vermont Trail . . . 2011
It takes about 2 hours to complete this 2 mile loop located in St Vincent's southern interior, about 9 miles from Kingstown. The Vermont Nature Trail starts near the top of Buccament Valley and leads through tropical rainforest and plantation forest.



La Soufriere . . . 2014
4 of us took the ferry over to St Vincent in 2014 to hike the volcano, located on the north end of the island . We did the 'popular' windward coast hike, driving inland through plantations of bananas to reach the trailhead
From there, a 2 hour steady uphill climb brought us to the crater's edge, 4,048 ft above sea level. The trail passes through rainforest, montane thicket and cloud forest before arriving at the crater. We were fortunate to have a clear view before heading back down . . . only about 1 1/2 hours to get down :-) . . . to our reward of warm chicken roti and cold rum punch.  


Owia Salt Ponds . . . 2013
Our group of 8 caught an early-morning ferry to St Vincent for a day outing to the Owia Salt Ponds.
The Owia Salt Pond is located on the North Eastern Coast of St Vincent, a 2 hour drive along the Eastern Coast. The salt water pond is sheltered from the Atlantic by numerous volcanic boulders surrounding it . . . continuously refreshed by the waves cascading over the rock formations.


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