Throwback Thursday . . . Boat Trips

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent
We've taken several day-trips over the years . . . visiting just a few of the 32 Grenadine islands.

The Friendship Rose is a 100 ft schooner that once operated as the ferry and, before that it was the mail boat.   It now offers 2 scheduled day trips... The Tobago Cays and Mustique.  

The Tobago Cays is a group of five uninhabited islands located towards the southern end of the Grenadines. Set in a coral reef lagoon the Islands are protected by two horseshoe reefs, providing picturesque turquoise waters, fine coral reefs and beaches of powdery white sand.
 Four of the Cays - Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Jamesby and Baradal and enclosed within the inner, aptly named Horseshoe Reef, while the fifth - Petit Tabac, made famous by the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, lies just to the east of the main group. Surrounding the islands is an outer reef, named World’s End Reef. 

Leaving Bequia at 7am, it's a 3 hour sail to The Cays for great snorkelling along the coral reef, hanging out on the beaches and swimming with the turtles. After a yummy lunch we sail back to Bequia, arriving around 5:30.

From Union Island, the day trip on Scaramouche drops anchor 3 times for snorkelling and beach time and serves a great lunch on board.  We stopped at Palm Island, Mayreau and The Tobago Cays.  




Mustique is a small private island, located South East of Bequia & St Vincent, in the north of the Grenadines. The 1,400 acre island of Mustique is owned by the Mustique Company.

Leaving Bequia at 8am, Mustique is only a 2 hour sail. Time for snorkelling, touring the island, discovering Macaroni Beach, and hanging at Basil's Bar.
 Then, back on the boat for lunch before sailing back, arriving back in Bequia around 5pm.

Moonhole, located on the western tip of the island, is a privately-owned complex of stone dwellings built in the 1950's by American Tom Johnston. It's not open to the public (although we were lucky this year to get permission to walk the grounds) but can be viewed from the sea.



We've taken day-trips with Michael's Tours to Isle a Catre, a small uninhabited island about an hours' ride from Bequia. This is a 'private'  day trip with friends. Snorkelling, BBQ lunch and Michael's famous rum punch!   

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