Beaches 3 . . . Friendship Bay

Monday, February 29, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent
Friendship Beach is on the windward side of the island. It's a lovely beach but can be a little rougher than the leeward side and there are undertows to watch out for. But, having said that, it is a great beach destination.

The walk is a relatively easy 30 minutes -- 3 miles round trip according to my FitBit!
We walk the same direction as Lower Bay until reaching the split . . . here we go up rather than down. Yes, that's up to go down to the beach :-(

We then stay to the left at the Heineken Bar/Bus Stop split.  Going right would take us to Paget Farms and Moonhole . . . a walk for another day.

And what beach walk would be complete without a great lunch spot. Here we have the Bequia Beach Hotel to satisfy our needs after the long walk and beach time. Lunch and a cocktail at Bagatelle and a little more beach time, before the walk home.
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