Bequia Walks 4 . . . Spring Lookout

Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent

Up early and on the road by 8:10 to meet up with Les & Sue at the top of our stairs and join Steve at the Road to Spring at 8:30 for our walk to Spring Lookout.
It's an uphill walk on the main road, old trail roads and a rough footpath.
Great views along the way and spectacular views from the lookout.
Starting at the 'Road to Spring' sign we followed this road to the split and then took the road up to Cinnamon Gardens.  

Then onto an old road until we got to Cordell's(?).  

 This where the very large dogs used to come running out to chase us -- his new dog isn't quite so good at guarding the entrance to the footpath :-)


We picked up the footpath that leads over to Spring Lookout . . . a rough, dry trail that looks in places like it might have been a riverbed at one time.



At Spring Lookout . . . great views of St Vincent (not so much today though).



Rather than retracing our upward route, we came down Pea Patch Road, connecting with Spring Road, walking past The Firefly.
 Coming down is actually more difficult (at least for me) as the roads are very steep!




It was hot & hazy today so I have used a few photos from last years' visit.

Back in town and at the Rendevous Bar by noon(ish).
By 1pm we're back home . . . 7.39 miles (17444 steps) later . . . after a few cold drinks, a quick shop at Knights and chicken rotis at the Whaleboner !!





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