Bequia Walks 5 . . . Paget Farm

Thursday, March 03, 2016
Bequia, Grenadines/St Vincent
Paget Farm is a quaint, colourful fishing village near the James F Mitchell Airport.

To reach Paget Farm we walk to Friendship but, rather than going down to Friendship Bay, when we reach the split (at the Heineken Bar) we stay to the right of the bus stop and continue along the winding south side road.
The Whaling & Boat Museum is located on a slope overlooking Friendship Bay.

They still practice the controversial island tradition of 'whaling' . . . following traditional methods. While the Bequia whalers still have a 4 whale quota allotted them, only one whale has been caught since 2013 and one whaler has even moved on to whale- watching tours instead. Hopefully watching humpbacks in Paget Farm will catch on.
Along the road there are good views of the Whaling Station and Mustique off in the distance.

 As the walk continues, we come to La Pompe (this is where we started our climb to Ma Peggy . . .the 900 ft hike we did last year). 



It's about 6 miles round trip . . . the turnaround point is, of course, a bar! Toko's Stepdown Bar. Cold beer and the freshest fish you'll find.

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