The vacation before the vacation

Friday, June 25, 2010
Long Beach, New York, United States
Well here we go again! Off on another journey this summer, back to Latin America. I guess I can back up just a bit. Casey and I finished up another great year at the Headlands Institute teaching environmental education. We had lots of weekend adventures, but i needed to get away for longer than a week. So we took the summer off! Packed all of our personal belongings into a closet in our house and moved out for the summer. (This is because a camp counselor is living in our house for the summer.)
Casey headed down to Costa Rica to lead another trip for Global Explorers, this time with a group of educators . While she was away I went to Colorado to visit my brother Adam and his family as well as a bunch of my friends. It was a great week and very kid-centric! Avery's (my niece) 6 year old soccer games , Samson's (Eric and Julie's kid) 6 year old T-ball game and birthday party . It was great to be back in Colorado and be so close to the mountains I love so much. I also got to Summit County to visit my friends Julenne and Jay, and spend a night in the mountains. I also got to see my friends Dan, Jody, Heidi and Nathan while I was out in Colorado. From there I flew back to NY to spend some time with my parents. While in NY I went to Atlantic City to do a little gambling, this was fun and even a little profitable (maybe enough for a few nights in Bolivia). I have also been spending some good quality time on the beach soaking up the sun and water with my folks. My friend Vanessa and her son Greyson as well as my cousin Karen and her family spent a day on the beach with us. So far it has been a very relaxing and fun vacation. 
Casey returned to the states on sunday the 27th, her trip was excellent and smooth. The next few days were spent hanging with my parents and family. Had some nice beach time with my cousin Mel and her kids and then a great Greek dinner with my Aunt Cynthia, Uncle Butch and Aunt Bunny. We went to a losing Yankee game and then spent a day in NY city touring around with a great guide- Big Mike (my dad). We ended the city day at dinner with my Aunt Linda, Uncle Larry cousin Meredith and her fiance Remy. On the last day before we left, Casey, my parents and I did a short kayak in a bay off Long Beach. This was a practice kayak for my parents so they are ready for some great kayaking in the Galapagos.

So now Casey and I are off on our adventure to Bolivia, we will spend a month traveling around and will be doing some trekking while we are there. At the end of July we will be meeting my parents (Mike and Esther) in Cuzco, peru. Here we will be going to a few towns and to Machu Picchu. After Peru the 4 of us will be going to Ecuador and the Galapagos. Should be an amazing summer.