Baby Swans and Beautiful Mountains

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
We woke up this morning at 7:45 AM and needed to catch the 8:47AM train to Lucerne. Unfortunately, we were kind of slow getting up and had to run to the train station...a great way to start the day; a hot sweaty mess.

The train ride only took an hour and we were in Lucerne . We left the train station and immediately found a grocery store to stock up on supplies (bread, cheesesticks, and chocoate); very healthy.

After purchasing supplies, we decided to walk to one of the coolest transportation museums in Europe. It took about 45 minutes to walk there, but the scenery was beautiful on the way. Lucerne is situated on/in the mountains and is on the border of a large lake (lake lucerne). Needless to say, the mountain views, with the lake in front, were priceless. To accompany the great view, adult and baby swans were constantly swimming right next to where we were walking. They were cute too.

Once we comlpleted the walk, we found ourselves at the museum. It was just as great as last time and is a must see for anyone who comes to Switzerland. They have the large museum split into about 5-6 sections (train, car, boat, plane, space, technology), and there are a lot of interactive stations. We were in the museum until around 4 PM (~5 hours) and the only reason we left was because Dilyara was getting overwhelmed with too much information .

On the walk back toward the station, we took this time to enjoy the city highlights. There is a large lion monument carved into a rock wall to commemorate the people who died in the second french revolution. It was a pretty cool (really big) piece of art.

We then made our way around the "old town" and saw a famous bridge they have and a large number of churches.

We caught a train back to Zurich around 6ish, returned to the apartment and discussed our future plans.

Since, Switzerland is so expensive, we are deciding to spend 1 day in the major cities (originally we allocated 2-3 days in Zurich and Geneva); however, it is just too crazy expensive. For example, the cheapest fast food in all of Europe is the Turkish Doner Kebap. We bought a couple in Vienna for 3.50 Euro a piece. Here they are 9 Franks a piece. And on top of that, rooms are not free at all.

We will take our bags with us to Zurich tomorrow, leave them in the station, tour the city, then make our way to Lyon, France. Then we will travel back to Geneva to spend the next day there. Well, too much planning and doing today. Time for bed.
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