Having Fun WIth Family

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Moscow, Central Russia, Russian Federation
June 11, 2013 to June 19, 2013

Before setting off on our dramatic Euro-Trip Dilyara and I needed to get a few things settled with her Russian Passport, and decided to visit Russia for a couple of weeks to do this . My father also decided to come along and visit, since he had never been before. We first arrived in Moscow and stayed with her Sister's family for a few days. We saw a lot of the normal tourist attractions (Red Square, Kremlin, Lenin, etc.) and enjoyed the family time.

We then traveled east to Kazan to visit Dilyara's mother and father. Again, we did the normal tourist activities and visited with family. All-in-all we had a great time and were excited that our American father was able to visit Russia and enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Now, we have our bags packed (mine at 43 pounds, Dilyara's at 27 pounds) and we are ready to go! Budapest, we will see you on June 19!
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