Vienna Day 3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Vienna, Austria
The only thing on our schedule today was Schloss Schonbrunn, so we set off around 11 AM for the famous Palace. After about 7 subway stops later, we arrived.

It was free to browse around the outside of the castle and walk through the gardens, so that is mainly what we did . There was a labyrinth hedge maze (somewhat small) for 3.30 euro per student, so we checked that out. It was also fun and enjoyable, but nothing super special.

We didn't feel like it was worth 8 euros per person to view the inside of the palace, so mainly stuck to the gardens. When at Versailles, we will probably check out the inside.

Just like yesterday, the rain came and went as we toured through the garden making some parts not so enjoyable.

We started to head back to Karlsplatz around 4:30 in order to get some souvenirs before we set off for Linz and Salzburg tomorrow.

While shopping for the souvenirs, we stopped in a small café and had a hot tea with two strudels (apple and cheese). It was a tasty treat.

After finishing, we departed and made our way back to the hostel. We figured it better to come back earlier in order to have a full night sleep, be able to repack our bags, and to ensure that everything will be in order for tomorrows departure.   
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