Go With The Flow

Sunday, July 07, 2013
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Canary Islands
We woke up at 9AM.

Since Checkout was at 11AM, we wanted to go to the train station and get our reservations for the 5PM train this evening . We left at 10AM, walked 2 minutes and arrived at the train station.

Unfortunately, all fast trains to Spain were fully booked; however, we could take two slow trains to Barcelona. The train would leave at 10:42 AM.

We made a quick decision to go, since we would come back through Montpellier anyway on our way to Italy. We hurried back to the hotel and started searching for a place to stay in Barcelona. We packed our bags, found a place to stay and moved quickly toward the train station.

We arrived to the platform about 3 minutes before our train was set to come. By this time in our trip, Dilyara and I have a system; divide and conquer. I take both of the large bags, while Dilyara takes the smaller lighter day pack. This allows her to push, shove, and fight her way into the train quickly to secure two seats. I follow slowly behind and am the last one to board the train. It worked and we had two seats for our 3 hour journey to Port Bou .

After arriving in Port Bou, we had a 1 hour layover. We walked 5 minutes out of the train station and found a little restaurant. I had calamari and squid, Dilyara had an omelet with potatoes and Bread with an olive oil based liquid on top of it (They were all Tapas). We grabbed a couple croissants and made our way to the station.

The next train was 2.5 hours and took us within a block of our hotel. We walked there quickly and got checked in. I grabbed a shower, then we headed out into the town. We walked into the old city using a number of various streets, ate some tapas at a little restaurant while drinking Sangria, then returned to the hotel via La Rambla street. We got back at 9 and are getting ready to sleep.

Our plan for tomorrow is to take a free tour at 11 AM, then to go about our day from there.

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