I guess morning plans can change...

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Madrid, Madrid, Spain and Canary Islands
Someone, no names will be mentioned, but it wasn't me set our alarm for PM instead of AM. This caused us to wake up too late to make it to the free tour. We woke around 10AM and needed to pack and check out of the hostel.

We decided to pack everything and still explore the "old city" of Madrid with our morning hours . We were also in contact from the couple we met yesterday and are planning to meet them at 1PM today.

We walked through the center of Madrid, seeing Plaza de Mayor, the other big Palace, and all important landmarks on our little tourist map. We then met the other couple at 1 for lunch and had a great discussion and meal until about 2:45. Then we needed to leave to collect our bags from the hostel and move toward the train station. We might be able to meet the couple in Seville as well, depending on our schedule.

We got our bags exactly at 3PM and walked to the train station. This time, it was much easier of a walk, because it was downhill ;). We made it to the station around 3:30 and waited for our platform to be called. We then boarded the train and made our way to Seville at 4PM. We should be there at 6:30PM
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