A Nice Day In Nice

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Nice, Provence, France
We got up at 8 AM. THen we got ready to go at 9:20. Everything was closed, the reception was closed, so we had to wait for the receptionist to come, since the reception was only open from 10-12 and from 2-7.

After that, we left the bags and we went to downtown Nice (15 minutes) .

Once arriving in the downtown area, we walked through a flower market. Dilyara bought some fruit there. AFter that we tried to find the elevator to go the top of the hill overlooking the city. We didn't find the elevator, so we wound up walking to the top of the hill. We took the pictures overlooking the city and the beach, then we found the elevator down to the bottom of the hill.

We walked over to the beach area and put our feet in the water, THere were a few older ladies sporting the topless bathing suit style...Also, the beach was covered in stone, so it was not comfortable to walk in. After putting our feet in the Sea, we immediately returned to the road, where it was much more comfortable to walk.

We walked next to the beach (on the road), for a little while, then we returned to the area of the flower market in the old city. We continued walking into unknown territory to search for some food and souvenirs. Dilyara found a crepe for 6 euro which contained vegetables. We then continued walking the streets, getting lost, and searching for souvenirs. After we had satisfied ourselves with seeing enough of Nice, we returned to the hotel around 1 PM and waited for the receptionist again.

Luckily he came a little early. We grabbed our bags and then headed to the train station to catch the 2:25 PM train to Torino. We had to switch in Ventimiglia, but we arrived in Torino safely at 7:28.

We grabbed Two giant Pizzas(Mushroom and Margherita total price 15 euros). We thought that the pizzas would not be that big, since the price was so cheap. It turns out they were huge. We brought the pizzas back to the room, ate as much as we could and went to sleep.
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