Darkness in Pompei

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Pompei, Campania, Italy
We took the Circumvesuvius train to the Villa de misteri stop in Pompeii. After looking at the maps, we thought that this would be the closest stop to our hotel, since this stop is closest to the main entrance to Pompeii (and our hotel stated that it was close to the entrance to the old city).

I was already a little concerned, because I remembered from my previous visit that this stop was somewhat darkā€¦ and it was pretty dark when we arrived. It also did not help that we had no idea which direction to take. Dilyara found some Russians at the train station and tried to find some information as to where we were, but they were also clueless (someone was going to pick them up in a car). So we asked the ticket person which way toward a square we knew was the right direction and he sent us on our way.

The hotel was much further than we anticipated. After about a mile walk through dark areas with stray dogs following us, we finally found the hotel. It was close to another entrance into the old city of Pompeii.

We checked in at Hotel Del Sol and grabbed some sleep.
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