A Break Evening

Saturday, July 27, 2013
Rome, Lazio, Italy
We woke up in Pompei around 8 AM, grabbed some breakfast, and then headed to the train station to catch our train at 9:58 to Naples. The train arrived in Naples around 11AM and then we had to wait for our train to Rome (which left at 12:30 PM). We went to Mcdonald's to hang out with Free Internet access until our train for Rome. Well, we ran into this problem with free internet for several times now. Internet is free, if you have an Italian phone number. You have to put your number in the web page and then they send you a text message with an access code, so it didn’t work for us. Instead, we tried out some different food options at Mcdonald’s like deep fried spinach and cheese bites and also deep fried brie cheese, they were pretty good. We arrived in Rome around 4 PM and then made our way to the Hotel (Hotel Serendipity).

Luckily, the hotel was only about an 8 minute walk from the train station so it did not take long to check in and drop our bags off. We then made our way to the train station grocery store. After picking up some supplies (croissants, champagne, water), we headed back to the hotel. Since we booked 5 nights for Rome, we decided to rest this first evening so that we could enjoy one of my favorite cities.

We got back to the hotel, relaxed, watched last episodes of Burn Notice and prepared for the next day.
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