One and only... day in Verona

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Verona, Veneto, Italy
Today we took a 2 hour train ride to Verona. Apparently, some major opera festival was happenning here, so all the cheapest hotels were booked a long time in advance. We found a place one block away from Arena, but we had to take a bus to get there from train station. Of course, everybody comes to Verona to see Juliet's balcony and we are not an exception. We quickly made it throught the streets to join the crowd around a small backyard, where the famous lovers met. Unfortunately, we didn't notice any pretty girls on it, for the most part guys, actually. We rapidly left this land of Shakespeer's fans to see more of the city. Also, we looked for Romeo's house everywhere, never found it. So, we wound up just walking around the streets and seeing all the most popular churches. At some point one of the crooked little streets took us to the bridge. Well, that was an amazing view! Old town has an absolute medieval look with those walls and river snaking around it. The bridge is pretty interesting too, it has a big hole in the middle, so you could actually see through it. After walking around all the cute neighbourhoods, we got back to the main square again. A small market, spreading under white umbrellas, was still open at the time, so we got a couple of souvenirs along the way. As any other squares like that in Europe, this one had numerous little cafes, we couldn't resist and sat down for some white wine. It was our last night in Italy and we made sure we enjoyed it. As soon as we got to our hotel, Dilyara found out she forgot her Verona patch at the restaurant; surprisingly, whenever we got back , it was not in the lost and found basket, but in one of the waiter's pocket. That's about the only thing that went wrong in Verona. Otherwise, it was a very pretty little town, we would definitely recommend everybody to see it and please, don't leave your souvenirs on the tables at restaurants.
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