Thursday, May 31, 2018
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Our Europe trip this year started with an almost total disaster....
I knew quite well that the flight booking was for 12 midnight, so, with a few jobs still to do before departure, I was up early and went to Steph's unit to fit a new washing-machine for the tenant. I figured that since I'd ordered an identical machine it would be a breeze.... 
For a start, I found that whoever had installed the washer been too fine with the tolerances, and I couldn't get the hose-fitting through the hole, and since I had no tools with me other than a screw-driver, I had to resort to some butchery.
Borrowed a bread-knife from the the gorgeous lads who are the tenants, and began hacking in the confined spaces at the back of the vanity cabinet....
Apart from a couple of very bloody gashes on one hand, I managed to retain all my fingers, and extracted the offending hose, but there was a surprising amount of claret spilt around...
This will be easy.... The machine is the same so it will plug straight in....
For some unknown reason the drain-hose is now about 300mm shorter, so a trip to the hardware to get the bits to extend it, and all's good.
Back home at about 08.30 and I thought " I'll just check the flight details, even though I know it leaves at 12 midnight"...
Not midnight - It's 12 noon! Have to be there before 10.00, so leave here about 09.30! 
Panic stations! 
Treas in tears!
Literally running in the house to get stuff done that I thought I had all day to do.
Luckily, we were actually basically all packed, so it was just cleaning up and showering changing etc
Treas had rung Froya  and blubbered something about a total disaster, and Friya in her usual totally unflappable way arrived at 9.30 to chauffeur us to the airport, and we arrived bang on time at 9.50.
Disaster averted, but poor Froya is now left with a whole lot of linen to wash and re-make a bed and clean and tidy up.
Thanks Froya!
Easy trip to Singapore, and again to Dubai, and about to depart for Frankfurt.
Stay tuned.
The Seldos 

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Ray Bell

Into every life a little rain must fall... Keep it up, David, keep us laughing at your misadventures, but don't forget photos. Especially showing the blood. And on a sadder note, I had a call from Max yesterday evening, Andy Hanwright has left us.


Pretty lucky you checked the flight times when you did! It could have been far worse if you hadn't! Everything is fine here, Pippi has transitioned into the family well :) Glad you guys made it safely, enjoy your trip! xx


Ha! Stress less and enjoy! Disaster averted! However, what about the poor boys' washing machine? I do hope you stayed to fix it! ;)


Worst nightmare averted. Thank heavens Froya could take up the slack for you. Now you can settle back and relax, ready for the challenge of enjoying family, friends and travel. Happy adventuring! Xxx


No doubt about you Dave , anything to create chaos !! Happy to know you made it and look forward to further chaotic ventures in the next weeks .

Phil Watkins

Well Seldo you have managed your way through another mine field, I would have all the faith in the world that you could come out with only minor wounds. We will be resettled on the coast by the time you return, enjoy yout trip and we look forward to the narration of times, places and events.


Phew! That was a near one. Better luck for the rest of the trip

Maree Thomson

What an adventure! You guys are always pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat!! Can't wait for the next adventure xx