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Monday, June 04, 2018
Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Well - we made it to Germany despite my best efforts...Grabbed a renta and drove the 300km from Frankfurt to Ensdorf, near Regensburg. The renta was a near new Audi A3 TFSI and I have to say it was a surprisingly good drive. Nice car! I thought it quite amusing actually - humming along at 180kph and Treas says deadpan ..."You sure that 180 is quite ok? " I expected total hysteria like I get at home at 120.... " SLOW DOWN - WE'LL ALL BE KILLED..."Friday night we stayed with KariAnne and Josef, who mind the van for us, and after a nice dinner at an excellent local restaurant we hit the sack and slept like the dead...Then, next day..Sat? ...we went to their boat which is a really nice 22' cruiser with an I6 BMW and stern-drive, and went down the Donau ( Danube) and had the mandatory bratwurst sausages and sauerkraut at a famous restaurant on the river at Regensburg, then back again to where we'd left the van, and then we headed back to the Regensburg camp, whilst they stayed on the boat for the night.Then, today, which is I think Sunday, we decided to head westish, after much discussion since we never have pre-made plans. So, after a day's travel and an interesting stop at Neuburg an de Donau we are now just outside Ulm, having passed Ingolstadt where the Audi plant is, and past acres and acres of cars at grass, literally. Thousands of the bastards!Tomorrow - Ahh, another day, another argument/discussion as to where we should go....But - it's all good fun. Dulcie, the van, is going like clockwork (it's just the constant "ticking" that drives me mad...) and this is now our 7th year in her, and I still enjoy driving it. Despite some initial trepidation about a Fiat (Fix It Again Tony) it has been exceptional. Quite impressed, actually.It must be getting close to time to sell it, because today we spent quite a while poring over maps today and kept getting the same answer... "Nahh - we've already been there..."Not true of course - Europe is such an amazing place with a new experience around every corner. 
I tripped over, almost literally, an amazing car-conversion in down-town Regensburg. It was a Fiat 500 but modified by a mob called Ellenberger. Now, for about $5000 they apparently will modify your perfectly good Fiat 500 or a few lucky others...  What they do is to remove the original rear suspension and fit a conversion which places the two back wheels in the centre of the car....and I guess that it is then so unstable that they then de-tune the engine to 20kw!  (I guess that's so it won't be going very fast when it inevitably rolls over...) But....wait for it... This is all so that the car can then be legally (and safely..?) driven by a 16yo !
Beats me....
Cheers , DS
Note: I've just spent an hour and half doing this blog and it all just went Pffft into the ether.....So, I'll try again with this saved early, shorter draft....


Ray Bell

Keep it all coming, David... It might be a good idea to type up your story in Word or something before you go online, then copy and paste to Travelark so you don't lose the story or wasted the time online. I posted a link from the Weekemd thread.