New Year's Eve

Sunday, December 31, 2017
London, England, United Kingdom
I woke feeling  really under the weather, which was such a shame as it was New Year’s Eve and we had booked and paid for a special dinner on the Yacht, moored on the Thames, so we could view the fireworks.  All I really wanted to do was stay in bed!
We had a lazy morning before deciding to take a stroll down to the Embankment to check out how to access The Yacht this evening.  We knew that many roads would be closed so wanted to try and work out the best route.
We called into the Yacht and requested a private table away from the crowds so my sneezing and coughing wouldn’t affect as many people.  We then had a stroll through Somerset House before returning to Fleet Street.  We were after a Sunday Roast, but found that many places that normally did them didn’t today due to being New Year’s Eve.  We popped into the Tipperary where we had eaten on the first night.  They did do a roast, but it really wasn’t particularly impressive.
After a rest in the room for the afternoon, we got dressed up in our after five clothes for the long, cold walk back to the Yacht.  The NYE event was extremely good, apart from the obvious fact that I felt miserable and would have loved to have been home in bed!  The night started with champagne and drinks on the enclosed deck for an hour or so, followed by a four-course meal in the restaurant.  Even in my miserable state, the food was really very good.  Then it was back upstairs for more drinks and dancing, which I normally would have loved, before going to the top deck to watch the fireworks.  Our view was superb, really front row seats.  Unfortunately, it was freezing cold and I was just plain miserable.  If I hadn’t had a cold though, I would have loved it and totally recommend the event.
After it ended we walked back to the hotel and finally got to bed.
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