A Visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
After a nice breakfast in the lounge, we left the hotel and boarded bus no 7 to Leith.  We had an enjoyable 20 minute ride, looking at the suburbs of Edinburgh along the way.
The bus dropped us at Ocean Terminal and from there it was a short walk to the Royal Yacht.  We paid for our tour, and audio guides in hand we set off to see the ship.
We absolutely loved this tour, the ship was beautiful and the audio guides provided lots of interesting information.  We spent a good couple of hours here and highly recommend it.  We finished our tour with a cup of tea in the tea room.  Lunch was also available, but we wanted to stroll Leith Village and have lunch there.
After leaving the ship, we looked around.  It was not a pretty view, a typical dock area.  I had read on Trip Advisor how pretty Leith was, so we started walking.  Sure enough, around a corner was the very attractive Leith Village.  Obviously, we were visiting mid-winter, so a lot was closed, but there was still plenty of choice of lunch venues.  I would imagine in warmer weather this would be a very popular area.
We picked The Shore after reading menus posted in the windows.  We had a choice of the restaurant or bar, and chose the bar as it looked far more relaxed.  We both ate Fish Pie, which is one of our favourites and it didn’t disappoint.
Nest was the bus ride back to Edinburgh, where we visited The Principal hotel, that I had originally booked.  While this was a beautiful building, we weren’t sorry that we changed to the Hilton Edinburgh, as it was in a much better location.
The day finished with a little shopping and I finally found the coat that I had been looking for in Debenham’s.  We were hoping to eat dinner in the Marco Pierre White restaurant in our hotel, after reading the on line menus, but after being seated we discovered that the on line menu was totally out of date and all they had to offer was steak and burgers.  As the costs were very high, we walked down to the corner and had a delicious burger for much less at Byron’s Burgers.
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