The Final Day in Glasgow and Europe

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Today was our final day in Glasgow before our evening flight to Singapore and the journey home.  The weather had been getting colder and colder the last few days and today it started to snow.
We spent the morning packing before another wander around the shopping areas and a delicious lunch of tapas at Café Andaluz.
By late afternoon we caught a taxi to Glasgow Airport for our flight home.  We had a dinner of sliders at the airport knowing that it takes ages on Emirates to get a meal after takeoff. 
We are very lucky that we did, as our flight was delayed for two hours due to heavy snow.  They brought out the machine to de-ice the wings, but as there was only one, by the time it was finished de-icing one wing the other had iced up again.  We eventually took off and we were very concerned as we had a very tight connection in Dubai.  Sure enough upon landing we would definitely have missed the connecting flight to Singapore, but luckily for us, so many people connecting had been held up in various airports across Europe due the snow, that they held the flight for us and better still we got upgraded to business class which was fantastic fun.
We arrived into Singapore late on Wednesday evening, unfortunately far too late for dinner in any of our hotel's restaurants, and we were too exhausted to go out for dinner.  We ordered club sandwiches as room service before getting some sleep.
We stayed at Pan Pacific Singapore, where we had stayed twice before.  My review of this hotel can be read here:
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